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“I like seeing the looks in their eyes… the sweat, the snot, the tears, the whole lot… to witness it this close up as a theatregoer is thrilling.”

Niamh Cusack, actress and patron

THEMED DINNER PARTY @ Oxfordshire home

Imagine a small group of your close friends coming together for dinner, all dressed in their finest 1920s attire. As a little breather before dessert, you adjourn to the next door room to watch some live theatre: a bit of good old-fashioned Cowardian comedy, served up with wit and sparkle as the champagne bottles are passed around and the glasses filled up. 

“What a wonderful experience you and your brilliant team of actors gave us. The performance was amazing… a memorable and brilliant evening.”

WEDDING @ Belgravia Hotel

Imagine Rosalind and Orlando play-acting their marriage scene in the middle of the aisle where you just said your vows, and the ‘lover’s argument’ scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream breaking out across the hotel lobby amongst the reception guests. An utterly unique and exciting way to liven up the wedding ceremony or to fill the usual afternoon lull as the bride and groom disappear off for their photographs. 

“First class actors, incredibly professional. We will definitely be repeat customers.”

GARDEN PARTY @ Long Island Lakehouse

Imagine setting up a heap of deckchairs, cushions and picnic blankets in the middle of your lawn ready for a family-friendly Shakespearian comedy, played out for your guests in the blissful afternoon sunshine as the barbecue gets going and the rosé starts to flow. 

“It was amazing to have something so totally professional in one's own home.”

CORPORATE EVENT @ The Hospital Club

Imagine entertaining your most important clients with a short comedic play - hired into any venue - as an immediate conversation-starter to kick off the evening, allowing everyone to relax into the event after the working day.

“The performance was wonderful and thoroughly enjoyed by our clients! It was great to do something so different.”


Imagine surprising your loved one with a theatre company hired to perform a bespoke play in your living room - with the biggest surprise being to watch their friends and family taking on cameo roles!

“We all absolutely loved last night! It was terrific!”

MARQUEE PARTY  @Oxford Garden

Imagine setting up a marquee in your garden and having a theatre company come build a set using furniture and objects from your very own home. Imagine them performing a one-act domestic comedy as a shining start to the evening, and sticking around afterwards to share a drink with your guests: an opportunity to ask about the play, the characters – and the life of an actor! Like the most intimate and informal Q&A you’ll ever experience.

“Thank you once again for an incredible performance on Saturday night - you made us look like superstars to our new friends. Such a lovely cast too, we really enjoyed chatting with you over a glass of wine.”


Imagine raising money for a great cause whilst having some impromptu theatrical scenes played out amongst guests at their tables. A brilliantly unusual way to get everyone in the giving mood, and to spark conversation amongst guests. Imagine having a second private theatre performance offered for free, to put into your charity auction.

“It was fabulous and memorable. Everyone wants your company back!”

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